Building the skeg

Building the skeg was quite complex. First I made a mould out of plywood scraps. I painted the mould and polished it with release wax.

Then I laminated 7 layers of fibreglass (350gr) onto the mould. I got my vacuum pump out of the cellar and vacuumed the laminate so that it would be even and compact.

Thanks to the release wax, the finished laminate came off the mould very easily.

I fixed the required 6 screws to a wooden frame so that they wouldn’t move when I glued them in.

Then I filled the mould with a mixture of epoxy and glass fibre shavings. I had to be careful never to fill in too much at once, otherwise the mixture would get hot.

Of course, I also had to drill the holes for the 6 screws. It was a strange feeling drilling holes in the bottom of the boat…

Checking if the skeg fits the hull.

Before I definitely screw the skeg on, I’m going to paint it

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