Second row

The first row of panels is finished, so let’s start with the second row.

Dry-fitting the next panel. Making sure all the angles on the frames and battens are correct.

The panels fit perfectly, you couldn’t put a knife between them.

That’s it, another piece of skin on the boat.
I will trim the edges when all the panels are mounted.

The next one is more difficult. I had to apply some force to twist it to the correct shape.

But nice result again. Lost some time admiring the shape…

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Another Plank

This is how I put the planks on the frames.

First I put two layers of epoxy on the inside, everywhere except where it will be glued to the frames and stringers. The connection to the frames will be stronger if the wood is still untreated before gluing.
When the planks are mounted, all surfaces inside the boat will be perfectly sealed and only need one final layer of paint.

With the help of my friends I then glue the plank to the frames. You can’t have too many clamps when you’re building a boat…

The next day I can remove all the clamps.

That’s how it looks on the inside. The planks are connected by strips of plywood.
Before I give it the final layer of paint I will add fillets where necessary.

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Finally some skin on the frames!

Big day in the boatyard! Finally I’m putting the first panels on the frames. Now it really starts looking like a boat.

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Almost done with the stringers

All the stringers and battens on the frames!
I’m not quite finished with shaping the frames and the battens to the right angles.

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