Flipping the boat

Big day for me and my boat!
I gathered my friends and together we flipped the boat.

All ready to go. I put wheels under the assembly jig to get it out of the shed.

Outside for the first time!

A couple of old tires are a good pad to roll the boat on.

We used the forklift of our neighbours to lift it on one side.

We put two ropes around the hull to help slow down the roll.

That’s when it starts to roll.

The boat rolled very smoothly, no problem at all.

It went slower and more controlled than expected.

The right way up.

The proud owner, having his first drink inside his boat!

Put wheels under it to get it back inside.

Back inside she goes.

Nice little boat!

Big thanks to all my helping friends!

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I put a thick layer of epoxy on the hull. After sanding (there will always be sanding) I marked the waterline. Easily done with the help of a laser.

I covered the under water part with another layer of epoxy. I changed the color for that layer.

That’s how it looks after sanding (before cleaning):

I am now ready to turn over the boat.

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